Achieve a Healthy Workplace with Oasis Breathwork Sessions

Our Employee Wellness program helps your team to do their best by improving their mental health with breathwork techniques.

Breathwork For Employees

Breathwork is a great way for employees to improve their health and well-being at work. Oasis Breathwork offers 30-minute or 60-minute sessions and can be done before work, over the lunch hour or after work. Research shows that participating in regular breathwork sessions can make you feel more relaxed, it can give you more energy and focus in your day. It can also help you manage your stress levels and improve communication with others.



To Stress

Everyone experiences stress, whether it is visible to the naked eye as elevated blood pressure and digestive issues or not. 

The symptoms of stress are extremely varied, and many people wouldn’t actually recognize them as signs of stress; left ignored they can lead to illness and more serious problems. 

Long-term stress results in reduced performance at work, which leads to more time off work because it reduces your immune system’s function. Stress limits you in a myriad ways that impact your daily life and those around you; most people are so used to living in a stressed state that it is now the new norm. 

Simple breathwork strategies can make a big difference and clients notice these differences quickly after implementing them.

Breathing is a powerful way to access meditative states that support feelings of calm in body and mind. When we bring in the Conscious Connected Breath, then breathwork becomes an accelerated meditation programme.

The state of "relaxed aliveness" can be reached which is an optimal for work, study and daily life.

Employee Statistics and Chronic Stress

Here are some 2022 stats that show a change is greatly needed for better physical and mental health in the workplace and Breathwork CAN help with this:

US$125 billion to US$190 billion is the estimated cost of the physical and psychological problems of employee burnout in the US.

(Source: Forbes & H Exchange Network)

One of the most common health issues in the workspace is chronic stress. The stress trends will continue in the future, but employers can change that trend if they maintain a healthy work-life balance for their employees. This will bring less stressed workers who don’t get frequent burnouts.


The thing is:


According to the latest work life balance statistics, employees who work overtime for a long time have a high risk of burnout. Stress and burnout statistics also show us that nearly two-thirds of employees who work full-time experience burnout at some point while at work.


Here is what Breathwork can do to help curve these Employee Statistics:

Benefits of Breathwork